Saturday, September 4, 2010

Keegan and Lexi

There has been one positive that has come from my mother's illness. I see my niece and nephew almost everyday! I don't get to sit and chat with my sister any more, because when she's taking care of mom I don't want to be there (i'm off) and when I'm taking care of Mom she doesn't want to be there (she's off).

The first thing they say after playing with the dog is 'eat'. Most of the time they've already eaten and my sister would prefer that I not feed them again, sometimes they haven't and that's when they ask for food by name. Yesterday they had just had breakfast. So they wanted to sit on the stools just because.

My daughter had lots of different tea sets growing up, and all we have left now are pieces of each, because she actually played with them and toys get either lost or broken. I save the pieces in a wire basket of sort. Well they found them and pulled them out.

Oh don't forget to notice his SuperMan cape, we made that in about 10 minutes, I put it on him to try it on, and he wouldn't take it off, it still needed ironed and to slip stitch the opening used for turning closed!

Keegan also loves to pick up my camera and walk around the house taking pictures. He's going to be a good photographer when he grows up. It's odd to see that he takes pictures with purpose. Every now and again he'll get some of nothing.

Don't mean to gross you out but the dog got sick (because it ate something green) and Keegan thought it was interesting - only a 3 year old boy!


Monica said...

umm, so cute, and good picture of you and oh yeah and eew

Modista Modesta said...

Monica you are very articulate! Love you! Oh and miss Josh!


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