Friday, February 6, 2009

What I do with Stress!

Well - I don't cry - because Cowgirls don't cry. I scream it out, to country music on the car radio as I'm trying not to get a ticket.

It has been a very stress full couple of weeks, Lexi is born with a heart defect - it really makes you feel helpless. Then Randy lands in the hospital - he's been there since last Friday - and won't be out for at least another 5 to 8 days.

The Monica calls and says she had to go by ambulance to Fontana because Lexi wasn't doing good.

All I could do is pick up KFC and go feed Josh and Keegan, And then about 9 PM - she calls and says things are looking ok.

So now that everything and everyone is taken care of - I'm getting in the car - turning up the music and screaming my head off.

We do have a destination - the San Diego Harbor - to see the Nina - a Columbus historical replica. Will post pics when we get back - All destressed!

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