Friday, February 20, 2009

Only 8 days left of February

Where did it go? I seem to have been going around in circles all month and not accomplishing anything. I still haven't knit my skirt, I still haven't finished 3 baby blankets that are sitting on my sewing machine, probably because the sewing machine got pushed sideways in order to temporarly set up another computer, so I can print flyers for 2 different tradeshows happening on the same weekend. (way long story)

I'm teaching a sewing class tomorrow and I still haven't finish writing up the pattern. I have 2 partial done cigarbox purses, that were supposed to be finished and put up on etsy so our shop doesn't look abandoned.

I finally went grocery shopping yesterday, and the laundry is half way there - it's washed, it's dry, and sitting in the basket and dryer, waiting to be folded, and put away.

Wow, I think I need a vacation. I leave for Seattle on Tuesday, but that's not a vacation. It is a change of sceneri so maybe that will help.

I've never had such disorder in my life. I need to fix this. I even scheduled a Super Craft Saturday on the Saturday that we have to drive to San Francisco for Stephanie's College Open House. Man my brain is cluttered.

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