Monday, February 9, 2009

All is well!

So Steph and I drove to San Diego, We went looking for the Nina, And I didn't take any directions or a phone number with me - because I lived in San Diego for 10 years, I know Harbor Drive I should just be able to drive down Harbor and find it Right? Wrong!

First of all the drive was great - I turned on the music and started driving, I love driving, I once drove all the way to New Mexico before I thought I was well enough to drive back and face what was waiting for me at home. Stephanie just sleeps, when she was born I had a large Chevy 1500 pickup, she was so small she had room to curl up in a ball and fall asleep, for many, many, many drives. I finally gave in to the family pressure "Get rid of that old truck already, it just sit's there" It was my sanity pill, so now I drive a mini version of that old truck, still white, still a truck, still american kinda sort of (a Dodge) but now just a bit smaller (a Dakota).

I have made the drive between Indio and San Diego on average 40 times a year for the last 20 years, First because Rigo lived there and I would go escape - and then because I lived there and came to see my Mom - and now because I lived here and the owner of the business I run still lives there!

So I know the road really well - to well I drive way faster than I really should. If you see a driver on the 74 blink his lights at you it can mean three things, if he's behind you it means "you are slow use the turnouts and get out of my way!" if he's coming towards you blinking his lights - it's either an accident you need to slow down before you become a part of it - or it's "you are going way to fast and there is a police officer up ahead of you.

I don't know any of the people coming down the mountain at me - but I would like to thank them for saving me from at least 3 tickets.

I love the drive - and everytime I drive by this house:

I think to myself - I can pull in the drive and say I'm home! I love the TeePee! Stephanie won't let me move to the country - well at least not yet she leaves in Aug - then she has no say so!!!!

So we get to San Diego, I Drive down Harbor - and don't see anything - I see all the other ships that are there - but no new one's. So we park.

I walk up to the lady at the Star of India museum - and she says The Nina is at Shelter.
I didn't ask any questions I know where Shelter is - I should be able to drive down Shelter and see the ship Right? Wrong!
I drive up and down shelter, can't see anything, We stop and take this picture:

I love the view from Shelter Island - Randy and I used to park there and sleep in the back of the Pickup - his Pickup had a Camper shell. I would have never considered dating a man that didn't have a bigger truck than I did. He did. Except his was always broke! It must have been a sign LOL!

I finally drive up to Harbor Police and ask if they know where The Nina is docked. No one knows - she calls several people and nothing I then tell her there's a website so she gets back on the phone - and starts laughing uncontrolably - When she finally comes up for air she says "It's Porn" - I said well that's not what I'm looking for! she holds on the phone a bit longer and then tells me that it's docked at the Kona Kai Resort.

I know where that's at - It's on Shelter but guess what you can't see the ship if it's behind a large Resort - Dah. We finally go there, it was cool, but with all the hype of getting there - we looked at it and said 'Cool Ship - you ready for lunch I know I am!"

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