Monday, March 8, 2010

Riverside County Date Festival

The Fair comes once a year - when I was younger I remember waiting for it - you knew when it started when the last day was, how much money you needed to save up in order to ride all the rides.

Then as a teenager we still knew all that stuff but if you were cool you didn't show your excitement as you did when you were a child. You were 'going just to hang out'.

As an adult with children you go to all the stuff the children want to do and share in all there excitement.

As an adult with children that are to cool to go with you - you go alone as adults and you walk the exhibits for the first time in your life you drool over the food - you wouldn't have considered spending your hard earned money on for fear that you wouldn't have enough to ride all the rides.

This year I got to take my little sister's baby boy - keegan! He is a handful.

This year was the first year he realized what was going on. He just wanted to sprint from one place to another.

and he wanted to eat everything, he didn't care what the signs said, he couldn't read.

Here he is excited he could climb to the highest heights he's ever climbed.

the only problem was that he realized he needed to go potty as soon as he got there.

He wanted to feed all the animals.

He wanted to ride the rides - and after showing my sister the pictures she tells me that the helicopter ride is a big boy ride. That would explain why they wouldn't let him on by himself - so Randy had to get on with him.

We had a wonderful time.

PS. sorry I haven't sewn, I haven't knit, I haven't created a pattern nor have I designed a dress of any kind. I have Moved, go to a Tradeshow in Puyallup (post about that later) worked my butt off, and finally got into a routine of taking care of Mom and have been able to split that work with my Sister and Sister in law. I will sew, knit and design again, hope you stick around.


Monica said...

I'm going to steal this for my blog

ModistaModesta said...

No problem - you have the pictures on the CD I gave you. incase the copies don't come out so well.


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