Monday, December 21, 2009

My New Christmas Stockings

You can pattern draft just about any shape in Garment Designer, so every time I need to do something new I open up my Garment Designer first.

Luckily Cochenille has a Holiday collection so the starting points were a lot better than if I would have had to try and manipulate a top into a sock, but I'm sure I could have done it if I needed to. I've drafted some really out of the ordinary shapes in Garment Designer.

So I sketched the shape that I wanted to end up with on a piece of paper so that I would have a visual reference as to where I was moving my points, and came up with this a stocking shape that I could live with. I also changed the cuff of the original design to a Pocket from my inspiration picture.

Click here for a PDF pattern, AND click here for instructions on how to print the pattern pieces in actual size and tape the pages together. if you would like the PDF pattern pieces. They are just the pattern pieces. You will have to refer to this Blog post as the sewing instructions.

Supplies: 3/4 yrd of Fabric, 3/4 yrd of Lining

Stocking Pattern: Cut 2 of Fabric and Cut 2 of Lining Fabric
Pocket Pattern: Cut 2 of Fabric
Tab pattern: Cut 1 of Fabric

When I lived in San Diego I worked at a Home Fabrics store so I have a small stash of Upholstery fabric. I loved the look of linen in the inspiration picture and I knew I had some in one of my boxes somewhere - so I looked and looked and emptied every container I own but it didn't show up - but then I ran across this fabric and liked the idea of the stockings in this fabric so I stopped looking and started cutting.

Sew Pocket:

If you are going to do embroidery you need to do that first.

Then with Right sides together sew the pocket leaving a 3 inch opening along the top. Clip the corners.

Turn Right side out. Iron. Stitch along the top to close the opening. Stitch the pocket to the front stocking piece.

Sew Stockings:

With Right Sides together sew the 2 lining pieces together leaving the top open. Do the same for the 2 fabric pieces. So you end up with to separate stockings. Clip the curves. Turn Right side out. Iron.

Sew Tab:
Iron tab in half lengthwise - Right side out. Iron in Seam Allowance on both sides. Iron flat with seam allowance to the inside. Stitch Lengthwise seam.

Bring the 3 pieces together:

Pin tab to the side of the stocking. I stager the tab putting on end on one side of the seam and the other end on the other side of the seam.

With right sides together slide outer stocking into the lining stocking.

Stitch top seam leaving a 3 inch opening.

Turn right side out. Iron. Top stitch along the top edge to close the opening.

And these are my last minute stockings - and they are last minute considering I still have tons of Christmas presents to finish sewing.


From Tracie said...

Those stockings are really cute!

My mom made a Christmas stocking for me when I was little and I cherished it for a long time. It got lost in a move and I was so sad. I might have to try to make one of these for my daughter.

ModistaModesta said...

Tracie, I have added the links above for the PDF pattern pieces and a Read me file that will help you print and tape together the pages to get the full size pieces. That way people don't have to email me anymore if they want it, they can just open it and save it to there computer.

Hope it helps.

Jenn Erickson said...

Sonia, incredible! I'm always looking for a good stocking pattern. I haven't made stockings in years, but when I did I made my own patterns and they were pretty pathetic. I'm downloading the pattern and look forward to creating some new stockings for the family with them this winter!

So glad we ended up in the same "Tribe"!


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