Saturday, July 11, 2009

New place

It has been a long while since I posted. June continued to be overwhelming for me. On June 20th we received the keys to the townhouse we are renting. It is in a nice gated community, lots of greenery everywhere.

So we started moving first everything out of the trailer, then everything out of Steph's room in my Mom's house. That was the easy part. Then we decided that we should get rid of the storage unit that we had rented and put everything in when they forecloused on our home. I have now come to regret that idea. It might be saving me $120. a month but it has come at the price of my sanity.

I'm literally going insane with all the crap that is in the boxes. I must have really changed in the last 2 years because I do remember thinking 'i'm going to need that, I don't think i want to get rid of this, I'm going to use this some day' as I was putting a lot of crap in boxes.

And now I feel like an idiot for having paid all that money to store it, and now all I want to do is get rid of it. But guess what the pride is much stronger than that - so my pride is forcing me to find a place for all that crap in our new place.

So needless to say - I haven't sewn anything because this is my sewing desk:

and the rest of the apartment is piles high with stuff and boxes, and a whole lot of crap!

So today My first actual day off in a long time (ie. nothing must me done today) I'm going to ignore it all and I'm going to sew! I might even set up a knitting machine and knit!

Why? to regain my sanity!

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