Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planted my Peach Tree - Happy Earth Day

I finally planted the peach tree I bought about a month ago. I loved the garden when I was in San Diego, probably because all you had to do it plant stuff and water it every now and then. It's much different in the Desert. I've bought a ton of plants since I moved here in 03 - Wow, it's been a long time. Well all those plants are dead. Some before they made it in the ground.

I unlike most people, (and plants) am ok doing work outside in 105 degree heat. I think it comes from having done Cross-Country in High School we would start running 5 to 10 miles a day in early August, when it's up to 105 degrees at 8 AM. So with that being said I hope I can keep the tree alive, and attempt to beautify it's surroundings. Since I planted it smack in the middle of the Vast Desert we call a back yard.

Happy Earth Day!

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