Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fire Trucks and Black Background Photography

My husband has been trying to develop a Toy Fire Truck for his Etsy shop. The first two were a bit miss proportioned but after a lot of yelling (he is still a retired Sailor first) he came up with a good one.

While I was in the Black and White Photo Class it was a combined class with 2nd semester students also in the class. Me being me, I would go over and see what their projects were and one of their projects was Product Photography. I fell in love with the photo's one of the girls was taking, she was doing everything on Black.

To Photograph the Fire Trucks I thought I would give a black background a try. Here are a few of the shots:

It really helped in being able to Photograph the very light color wood. Then my cat walked by and I captured this one in a million shot, Kitty rubbing on the Fire Truck Ladder:

The black background really helps the subjects. There is no way this picture would look like that on white.

~Sonia Barton

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