Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cover for Dress Form

I picked my dress form out of a dumpster a long time ago. She was missing her legs, which I fixed quickly I just put her on a stool and she became the perfect height also strong enough to hold the heavy wedding gowns. 

When I picked her up I just figured I would sew her some very tight fitting clothes. Well here we are more than a decade later and she finally has her first outfit.

I took her measurements:

Entered them in Garment Designer:

Brought up a contoured style, and then moved all of my points in to mimic the sloper. I had bought a stretch knit fabric, so I needed no ease.

Printed it out, sewed up my seams on the serger and Voila she has her first outfit!

I need to make a circle pattern piece to cover up the armholes. I'm not going to worry about finding her some legs because I don't think I'm going to find anything stronger than the stool to be able to hold up the heavy wedding dresses.


Andrea said...

So envious of your craftiness!

Sonia Barton said...

Andrea - I learned from the best books, and have the right tools. I'm a shortcut type girl. There is no way I would have pattern drafted that by hand. LOL

Wendys Hat said...

She turned out perfect! Wish I could find one in the garbage.


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