My Husband's Work

Wood work...Planes...Trains...and submarines

My husband has been hard at work with his new Shopsmith! Best Birthday Gift I ever gave him. All I have to do is put a challenge in his head and he disappears for days. That's nice when you are together 24/7!

Some of his work:

Another Large Barbie Doll house

Well Lexi's Barbie Doll house is finally finished! My husband Randy built another house I'm truly glad that this one didn't fall on the floor, I don't think poor Lexi could have handled another delay in the building process. She would walk into the garage and say "Tio Randy this is my house" I guess she wanted to make it clear that he wasn't going to sell this one out from under her!!

Large Barbie Doll House

My husband has been working on a doll house for some time now. It was going to be for my niece Lexi, but there was an accident and the house fell off of a table and the shingles he had made for it were damaged. My husband being the extremist that he is, said it was trash and he was going to start over.
This is what he was going to put in the trash:


Puzzle Piece Doll houses 1/24 scale (polly pocket size)

Randy Barton has been building models since his teenage years, and working with wood for almost that long. He has recently restarted his hobbies, and they are invading my house. So I might as well blog about them.

A Victorian 3 room with attic:

A 4 room Charm house:

Here they are in Pink:

You can see Polly sitting on the couch in the attic in the collage above.


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